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1.  Answer the list of questions below.
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1. First  name.

2. Birthday.

3. Dream car.
AMT 1966 T-Bird errere... reissue

4. Where did you go to school?

5. Favorite season.

6.Favorite Shoe
qupid wedge shoe size 6.5  $10

7. My status.

8. Favorite Movie.
When Harry Met Sally

9. Favorite song.
counting crows

10. Favorite Disney character.

11. Favorite clothing line.

12. Favorite vacation destination.

13. Favorite dessert.

14. Favorite letter.
letter e

15. What are you most afraid of?

16. Favorite TV show.
The Cosby Show

17. Most annoying.

18. My job.
the wedding planner

19. Favorite animal.
oso polar

20. My age.
Number 28




This weekend the Hubby and I had a serious craving for Chicago-style deep dish pizza.  Our go-to restaurant for this is usuallyUno’s, but since there aren’t any within 3+ hours of here, we decided to try out what Austin has to offer. 

Conans Pizza got a handful of good reviews, so we figured we’d try it out.  When we first got there, the decor caught our eye.  It was a perfect old-school pizzeria set up:  old wooden nooks filled with worn chairs and tables, walk up ordering with a big ol kitchen window that you could see (and smell) through to the cooks flipping pies, and a big game room in the back with a ton of video games. 

We had a pepperoni combo pizza (my side with mushrooms and the Hubby’s with sausage) on whole wheat crust.  First off, props to Conan’s for offering a whole wheat crust.  Second, MAJOR props for pulling off a fantastic whole wheat crust.  I forgot it was wheat till I looked at our receipt.  The toppings were perfect–just enough to get the flavor, but not so much that the cheese pulled everything off when cut.  The only downside to our pie was the sauce.  It was a bit too sweet for our tastes.  Plus, I love big chunks of tomatoes in my sauce and theirs was pretty smooth. 

 If we had an Uno’s in Austin, I probably wouldn’t go back to Conan’s.  But so far this place has been the best Chicago-style place in town that we’ve come across. 

For MC

I thought about posting this on the Austin board, but figured the page might get bogged down.  So here’s my entry for the Friday afternoon poll:

 A “Getting to Know You” Survey

The Basics
Name (real or screenname):: Polly (MrsFroggianna)
Birthdate:: Oct. 7th
Birthplace:: Dallas
Current Location:: Austin 
Eye Color:: Green
Hair Color:: Red (not naturally though)
Height:: 5’3 (and thanks for sparing us the next obvious question)
How many & what kind of pets do you have?: 2 cats, 1 dog and an assortment of fish
What’s your job?: Legal assistant/wedding planner (don’t you see how they go together??)
What’s your Dream Job?: Restraunt critic for foodie magazine 
What instruments do you play?: I used to play the flute, but don’t get me confused with that other redheaded flute player.
What are your hobbies?: Cooking, reading, music, football, baseball and the occassional dance class
Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump?: NO NO NO NO NO
What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?: Fiction, creative non-fiction, everyonce in awhile a memoir or history book, and cooking magazines.
What is a topic you wish you knew more about?:   American history post-Civil War.  In school we never seemed to get that far in our books. 
What do you daydream about?: See the Austin board.

List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself:
One::  Oh, to have longer legs!
Two:: I wish I were more decisive.
Three:: I’d have more patience with some of my family members.

Either / Or
Shy or Outgoing?: Outgoing
Spender or Saver?: Saver 
Truth or Dare?: Truth
Books or Movies?: Books
Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure?: Romantic Comedy
Cats or Dogs?: Dogs
Mountain or Beach?: Beach
Sweet or Salty?: Salty

Do You…
Smoke?: No
Drink?: Yes
Get annoyed easily?: Depends…
Like to travel?: YES
Like to drive fast?: NO
Sing well?: Well enough that your ears won’t bleed.   :o)
Want kids?: Yep!

Have You Ever…
Performed on stage? In what?: Yes.  I was BIG TIME into One-Act Play in high school.  I even won an All-Star Cast award.  🙂
Been in a car accident?: Ugh, too many.
Been out of the country? Where?: Germany, Italy, Greece, Mexico

What Is…
The last CD/itune you bought? : David Gray’s Greatest Hits
The last movie you saw in the theater?: Harry Potter: Order of the Phoneix at IMAX
The last movie you rented?: Blade Runner
Your greatest fear?: Falling
Your greatest strength?: My mind
Your greatest weakness?: queso
Your happiest memory?: Every time my husband makes me laugh.  But to be specific, working as a DJ at KTCU

Your Favorite…
Movie:: When Harry Met Sally
TV Show:: The Cosby Show
Actor:: Alan Rickman
Actress:: Susan Sarandon
Food:: Cheese
Drink:: Water
Color:: Green
Scent:: My Hubby’s cologne
Season & WHY:: Spring.  Because it’s warm enough (in TX) to wear shorts, but not hot enough to make you sweaty.  Bluebonnets.  Opening day (baseball).  And everything’s so green and new. 
Day of the week & WHY:: Saturday, because I get to sleep late and do whatever my heart desires!
Store:: Ann Taylor Loft
Quote:: What you focus on expands.


Alright so this one (#98 on the list) was better than Ben-Hur.  No weird movie deja vu or over-dramatic acting.  Still, I’m not a musical kinda girl, so I’m sure some of the greatness of this flick was lost on me.  But it was interesting to learn the back story behind some of our country’s most patriotic songs (“Yankee Doodle Dandy” and “Grand Ol’ Flag”).  Oh and now when someone says “James Cagney” I know who they’re talking about.  (Mental check note beside “Become more pop culturally aware.”) 

 So…if I had to rate this one, I’d give it a solid 6.  Not the best thing I’ve ever seen, but not the worst.  I’m just excited that the next half dozen or so movies I get to watch were actually been after I was born. 


For awhile now I’ve bemoaned the fact that Austin didn’t have a for real salad bar downtown.  Don’t get me wrong, Hickory Street has a great “salad” bar, but it isn’t exactly healthy.  And call me crazy, but salads should at least pretend to be good for you.  Otherwise I might as well say eff it and get a burger.  So when I was craving a good, clean salad I’d drive out to Central Market on N. Lamar.  It’s not that far, but when you factor in traffic and long-ish lunch lines, I usually only had about 25-30 minutes to scarf down lunch.  Not the most relaxing lunch ever. 

But the other day the gods decided to shine on me and a co-worker tipped me off to Leaf.  It’s a bit of a hike from where I work, if you’re wearing heels, but it was so worth it.  I ordered an Abbi’s Asian Chicken and it was sooo good and filling too!  It’s a little pricey–$10 for my order, but the salad was freakin’ huge!  Easily two salads in one.  Plus almost all of the ingredients come from local and/or regional farms. 

The Hubby and I often indulge in nooners, and we’re usually always led astray by the yummy (read: fattening) choices downtown.  Now we’ve got a solid, good-for-you option that actually tastes great.  Yahoo!


suns.jpgBack in December my book club chose A Thousand Splendid Suns as the selection for February.  I’d heard all sorts of good things about The Kite Runner and I was kind of looking forward to reading this.  I’m usually the last to jump on a literary band wagon, or any pop culture bandwagon for that matter,  (EX:  I haven’t read or seen the DaVinci Code and I was a sophomore in college before I saw a single Star Wars movie) so I felt “with it” for reading this one while it was still available in hardback. 

The first few chapters of the book were good.  I enjoyed Khaled Hosseini’s writing style and he is a marvelous storyteller as well, qualities that don’t always go hand in hand (read:  Nathaniel Hawthorne or Herman Melville).  I also appreciated the subtle way Hosseini wove a history lesson into the story.  Most of what I know about Afghanistan comes from CNN or BBC and while these are usually credible news sources, they do lean towards a certain point of view.  What’s that saying…history is told from the eyes of the victors?  Anyway, it was good to learn about a culture from a somewhat first-hand account.

But that’s where my enjoyment ended.  By the time Part Two started, I slowly felt the wind being sucked out of me along with every happy feeling I ever had.  It was literally as if a Dementor crept up behind me every time I opened the book.  Perhaps part of my melancholy can be blamed on the fact that I didn’t see the sun for two weeks (damn winter clouds), but in the 14 days that it took me to read most of this book I felt incredibly depressed.  A fog of despair seemed to follow me around from the moment I opened the book (usually on my lunch break) until I went to bed that night.  And it started to make me a little nuts.  I ended up putting it away for a week or so and then forced myself to finish the last 80 pages this weekend. 

The ending did have a bit of an upswing to it, but not enough to make me forget how dark and despondent the bulk of the story was.  Despite my name, I am not a Pollyanna.  I know that horrible things go on all over this world.  Things that would make our head swim with sorrow and pain.  But I do not need or want to read 360 pages worth of it during my spare moments for 2 weeks.  Does that make me an uncaring citizen of the world?  I don’t think so.  Just someone concerned about her own mental health.

If you are not a fan of reliving someone’s most brutal and horrific moments pass this one by.  If you do want to read this book, let me know and I’ll be happy to give you my copy.


gia.jpg   Last night I finished up Joshilyn Jackson’s Gods In Alabama.  This book was a much needed reprieve from A Thousand Splendid Suns.  (I’m almost done with that one and will explain my reprieve when I review it.)  Anyway, this was a good, quick read by one of my very favorite bloggers.  Joshilyn is freakin’ HYSTERICAL over at her blog Faster Than Kudzu, so I was really looking forward to reading it.  And I was not entirely disappointed.  Her humor was all over this book, but not in the laugh-out-loud way it comes through in her blog.  If I had read the book before the blog, I probably wouldn’t complain about that part. 

The coolest part about this book, though, is her interesting twist on the “who-dunnit” genre.  You start out knowing exactly who the “bad girl” is and what she’s done, and then work your way backward, then forward and then around to the left, and back around to the right becore you end up discovering how the whole thing played out.  This book will also appeal to those of you who are refugees from Southern Small Town Life and cringe at the thought of revisiting folks living on the outter branches of your family tree.

All in all this was a good, quick read, but it’s not likely to end up on the shelf with my favorites.


OUCH.  That’s all I have to say about this one.  But I do feel better knowing that I (hopefully) helped someone in need.


Larisa has tagged me for this Six Random Things blog thingy-ma-jig, so here goes:

 1.  I love funky socks.  I have a whole drawer devoted to just the crazy ones (no white socks allowed!), and if you were to rummage around though there you’d see I have hot pink ones with black and white cows, scuba diving frogs, valentine monkeys, argyle in lime green and aqua, lemon ones with fushia spots, pandas from the San Diego Zoo, and at least 2 or 3 dozen more.

2.  I believe with my heart of hearts that Whataburger saves their very best fry “cooks” for the midnight – 4 a.m. shift.

3.  I adore fresh flowers, but I slightly dislike getting them from Proflowers.  It seems like it’s less of a “treat” if you have to put them together yourself, even though they last a LOT longer than those from a florist and they’re much cheaper.

4.  I would be the happiest Texan you ever did see if winter would last from November 1-December 31.  Oh and if Mother Nature could throw in one beautiful week of fluffy white, snowball making snow  that caused work to be closed for at least two days, that’d be nice too.  But every year I am honestly suprised that January is the coldest month of the year.  It just doesn’t seem right to me. 

5.  I can sing along (perfectly) with several Lil Jon songs.  Don’t ask me to do it in front of you though, unless I’ve had the better part of a 6-pack.

6.  My only serious regret in life is not living abroad for awhile during college when I was used to living on squat and didn’t have to worry about anyone else.

Next up!:



I FINISHED IT!  No not the entire list, but I did finish what could possibly be the worst (in my opinion) movie on that list.  Last night while the Hubby bowled, I finished Ben-Hur.  Thankfully, I was wrong on the length of the movie.  Instead of 7 tiresome hours of Charlton Heston, I only had to endure 3 hrs and 45 mins.  Yahoo!!!!!  Seriously, though, Netflix needs to update their DVD sleeves.  Each disc had a different running time on it, which is why I figured they were the individual running times.  But whatever. 

Overall, I did not enjoy this one.  The acting was overly-dramatic and everyone who was considered a “foreigner” (aka everyone not Roman) automatically had a British accent.  WTF is up with that?  Also, I got a weird case of Grease de jevu when I watched the chariot scene.  It was just like when that Scorpion tries to tear up Kenickie’s car during the big drag race.  I swear to god they used the exact same hubcap-tearer-upper thing in Ben-Hur.  Maybe I can’t appreciate a classic, but when you’re drawing parallels to Grease, it’s kinda hard to understand how the film won 11 Oscars. 

Oh and one more thing, how in the world do they justify giving this movie the subtitle “a Tale of the Christ,” when Tha Man doesn’t have one, single, solitary line in the whole flick?  Very odd…Oh well…1 (or really 24) down, 76 to go!

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