Ketchup Again…Sigh…(aka #15, 43, 77 & 100)

I have been meaning to blog for weeks about these goals, and I really don’t have a good reason for not doing it sooner other than plain old laziness.  I go in spurts like this where I write until my fingers want to fall off, and then don’t for awhile.  BUT!  I have been working on my 101 list.  Here’s a few updates:

#15–I finally got around to calling Angie at Blush to have my eyebrows reshaped.  The last time I had someone wax my brows, I ended up looking like Greta Garbo–pencil thin brows with mile-high arches that created a look of perpetual surprise.  So you can understand my reluctance to turn over my brows to someone else for a second time.  I was seriously worried I’d end up like Christina from Grey’s and wander around mumbling how “Mamma took my eyebrows.” 

 However, Angie did a lovely job and I am now the proud owner/wearer of shapely, neat brows.  If I can find a close-up of the before look, I’ll post photos.

#43–While at Whole Foods the other day, I noticed that they were selling reusable grocery bags for $0.99 each.  And these are huge freakin’ bags.  Since the price was right (and I’d have to pay $0.30 for every disposable bag I used at WF that day) I decided it was a great time to take the plunge and start using them.  So far so good!  The only real problem is me remembering to get them out of my car.  And yesterday I noticed that I overloaded one of the WF bags (which is made out of 80% recycled materials) and now have a small hole at one of the seams.  Nothing that a little superglue and a lighter load won’t fix.  The best part about this goal is I feel ridiculously virtuous using these bags.  I mean, you’d think I was washing my clothes by hand with soap I had made and hung them out to dry on rope I braided, while plugging in my fully electric car.  THAT’S how much my chest puffs out when use these things.  :o)

 #77–This one is 80% completed.  The Hubby and I bought handles for the drawers and doors last weekend and yesterday we started the installation process.  All the holes are drilled and we’ve I’ve got handles on the doors, but the screws weren’t long enough to put them on the drawers.  Hopefully by midweek we’ll have made a Home Depot run and will get everything wrapped up.  Pictures to come once the project is finished. 

 #100–I am honestly surprised that I got around to this goal and got to cross it off so early!  See, the Hubby is NOT a fan of C&W.  But he knows I love Willie, so he offered to go to the show at The Backyard a few weeks ago without hesitation.  And we had a FANTASTIC time!!  Not only was Willie wonderful (I mean, he is getting up there and his energy isn’t what it once was), but the people watching was some of the best I’ve had in ages.  All sorts of people were at the show!  I swear to god one of the ZZ Top guys sat next to us, and about 2 rows down a group of screaming 50-something women swooned with lighters raised during Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground. 

 And speaking of songs, Willie played almost all of his hits (Whiskey River, Pancho & Lefty, Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, City of New Orleans, On the Road Again, etc.).  The only two songs that I missed were Big Booty (look it up on iTunes.  You won’t be sorry) and My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.  But still…this 75 year old music icon rocked the Backyard in classic Willie style and I couldn’t have been happier with my first Willie show.  I really hope it won’t be my last.



  1. ash said,

    March 31, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    mamma took my eyebrows. LOL! god that was funny! i’ve never had my eyebrows done cause i’m terrified i’ll end up eyebrowless or they’ll screw up and i’ll look creepy. lol

  2. April 2, 2008 at 2:27 am

    OMG…Angie is GREAT! I’m glad she did a good job on your brows 🙂

    I still need to get re-usable shopping bags…DANG IT!!

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